The Nuhn Crawler agitation boat is the most effective way of agitating your pits and lagoons.

  • It is the best way to suspend sand bedding in the liquid so it can be pumped out by dragline or loaded in tankers to be hauled down the road.
  • The Nuhn Crawler will lift the solids off the floors of pig manure pits that you can’t get with stir sticks or pumps and get you the extra storage back that you are loosing from not removing the solids completely.
  • The Nuhn Crawler works very well at agitating in thick crusted pits because you can move around and always be right on the edge of the crust breaking it up.
  • When it comes to concrete pits we use the crane to put the Nuhn Crawler up and over the wall so there is no need for ramps down into your pits.